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Seeking Out Solutions, LLC
Positive Change for Families in Crisis
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Client Testimonials

* Jackie, 34, married, mother of two teens 
I feel that I didn't get anywhere with the last two therapists I saw, so the progress I made here so quickly was shocking!  Through Louisa's non-judgmental stance and her ability to help me get in touch with parts of myself that I didn't know were there, I was able to come to a resolution easier.  I am now better able to cope with things in my life.  I've learned to take a step back instead of being reactive. I really feel the difference it makes inside and this approach has been very helpful in dealing with issues in a more constructive way.  I developed different perspectives and ways of thinking of things in a way which I thought would never be possible.  Louisa was very easy to connect with and it was good to know that someone really was able to understand me.  

* Shannon, 32, married, mother of two toddlers
After three sessions my husband and I already saw a complete turn around in the way in which my two-year old interacts with his father.  This has also helped in improving our relationship to one another.  Before we came to therapy, I was worried my husband wouldn't like it, the therapist, or that he wouldn't be honest.  But I was surprised because he did open up.  I think this is because Louisa has a way about her that feels totally non-judgmental and she's easy to talk to.  She was able to hear what we were both saying, and I didn't feel as if she was taking sides.  Now we can communicate about the children better and see things from each other's perspective.  I feel safe here because things are not dismissed and because Louisa was able to help us understand each other and communicate more constructively in spite of our differences.    

* Chris, 34, married, father of two toddlers
I learned a lot about how children learn and what I need to do differently when relating to them.  It is difficult to hear sometimes that I may have made a mistake, but Louisa said I had good intentions.  She understood where I was coming from.  Louisa's approach is very non-judgmental or accusatory, and her tone of voice is calming, so I was able to listen to and learn from what she had to say, without feeling guilty or ashamed.  She makes it safe and easy for me to express myself.  I am very happy about the positive changes we have seen in our family in such a short time.

* Ken, 28, father of a toddler
When I was mandated by the courts to go to therapy, I thought that only negative things would be discussed, a lot of questions would be asked, and that I would not want to talk.  I never thought my therapy experience would be so pleasant.  I actually felt so comfortable due to Louisa's respectful, positive, down-to-earth and non-judgmental way, that I was even able to express my deeper emotions and was not afraid or ashamed to do so.  In only two sessions I discovered things about myself that I did not expect to talk about and I learned very helpful skills when dealing with difficult situations.  I would highly recommend Louisa to others and in the future, I know I will seek her out again if I need to.